NorthShore University HealthSystem: Building Awareness of NorthShore’s New Center for Brain Health

NorthShore launched its Center for Brain Health in June, 2015, and was introducing this Center to both patients and referring physicians. While NorthShore is highly recognized in the Chicago area, its expertise in neurological health – particularly brain health – was traditionally not as visible. CSG was engaged to work with the NorthShore marketing team to complement efforts and bring new ideas, increasing the awareness and understanding of the Center for Brain Health, ultimately leading to patient referrals. We increased awareness and understanding of the Center for Brain Health by:

  • CSG created a comprehensive communications plan integrating earned media and digital media, including digital content.

  • We established new partnerships with professional associations and organizations including Alzheimer’s Association, Epilepsy Foundation of Chicago and AARP of Illinois.

  • Media outreach included both print and digital issues.


The partnerships proved to be beneficial far beyond our own anticipated success. For example, the monthly blog on AARP’s site, authored by CBH physicians,  reached the 1.7 million AARP members in Illinois (800,000 in the Chicago area alone). These posts have been picked up by other organizations, including, Dementia Today, extending the audience reach and positively influencing SEO.

Additionally, AARP hosted “Mind Matters,” a brain health event where Dr. Maragnore and the CBH team shared insight into delaying and preventing brain disorders, especially Alzheimer’s. The event attracted hundreds of AARP members and more than 25 direct requests for appointments.