American Veterinary Medical Association: Communications Strategy to Educate Audiences About New Brand

The American Veterinary Medical Association PLIT manages the liability and business insurance programs for the AVMA members.  In 2014, the PLIT conducted research to determine the professional needs of veterinarians.  Based on the results, PLIT determined the need to rebrand the program and launch a refreshed identity.  PLIT partnered with CSG to develop a communications strategy designed to educate audiences about the new brand and the value PLIT brings to AVMA members.

To accomplish this we: 

  • Developed strategy to launch the new brand and draft the key messages behind it

  • Worked with numerous sub-groups to refine messages and strategies

  • Created communications materials for brand refresh launch, including the news release, fact sheet and Q&A

  • Coordinated interview with the writer of veterinarian trade publications.


  • The brand refresh was launched successfully by sharing important educational messages with members from the initial phases.

  • Along with a new website, marketing materials and a new brand mark, the AVMA continues to reinforce its brand using the messages we created.