Moose International: Member Engagement 

Moose International, a fraternal organization of 1.1 million men and women, faced a declining membership and ongoing challenge of staying relevant in a changing society.  With CSG’s lead, Board members approved its first integrated marketing communications pilot campaign of this magnitude to increase awareness, excite existing members and recruit new members.

  • Directed the development and implementation of The Heard of Moose? Campaign included a blend of paid advertising and public service announcements

  • Coordinated advertising on bus shelters, billboards, etc., throughout the Tampa area 

  • Secured print and digital media buy in Tampa Bay Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times

  • Secured partnership with leading country music station and its morning-drive DJ, with co-produced PSAs, appearances and on-air mentions throughout campaign life

  • Wrote and produced an 8-page Heard of Moose? educational newspaper insert

  • Directed all social media engagement


During the five-month pilot, 26 Lodges within the campaign target experienced an increase in new-membership by 46.8 percent.

Moose International: Issues management

When Moose International, a fraternal organization of roughly 1.1 million men and women, faced a major crisis, the leadership turned to CSG to help manage the situation and mitigate any damage to the organization’s reputation and its endeavors for children in need (Mooseheart Child City & School west of Chicago), for its senior members (the Moosehaven retirement community near Jacksonville, FL) and other programs. 

The tragic situation began when the organization’s CEO was hit with a law suit for sexual abuse. Immediately upon notification of the lawsuit, CSG worked with Moose attorneys to quickly develop and implement a strategy to address both internal and external audiences.  Fox Network News was the first to air a story and was eager to get a comment from a Moose spokesperson.  CSG prepared spokespeople and developed a statement that could be used by media covering the story.  Messaging about the highly sensitive topic was also created for Moose members. CSG remained abreast of comments about the situation by monitoring the media, social media sites and Moose member chat rooms and responding when deemed appropriate.


As a result of swift action and open communication with all audiences media coverage of the situation was kept to a minimum and a plan to replace the CEO was quickly announced to all audiences.