Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine: Strategic Communications Plan to Improve Member Engagement

The Alliance’s membership base of 11,000 had limited awareness and understanding of the organization to which they belonged, due to sub-group affinity. The Alliance engaged CSG to conduct a communications audit, which included a full assessment of communications vehicles and approaches to reaching their members. After recognizing the opportunities for improvement, following the audit, the Alliance extended their work with CSG for long-term solutions to maintain and improve member relations. To maintain and improve member relations we:

  • Conducted qualitative interviews with a subsection of their leaders and members

  • Presented to the Board a final assessment report which included strategies to improve member engagement and their understanding of the Alliance as an organization

  • Created short-term and long-term strategic communications plans, including a refreshed website, new brand, member engagement programs, and marketing for their education offerings

  • Introduced Alliance conference attendees to the “Member Center”, the hub for members to gather and network, get photos taken, have ‘Meet-Ups’ on hot topics, and discover ways to get involved


Member testimonials and interviews have indicated an improvement in engagement and relevance. The most recent conference had more than 1,000 Tweets and a 50% app download rate.