Despite the industry disruption with social media and rising importance of digital content, our clients still value traditional public relations strategies and the increased recognition earned media coverage and speaking opportunities provide. Third-party support adds authenticity and credibility, enhancing your organization’s reputation and recognition. An effective PR strategy leads to improved SEO results, aligning with the latest algorithms to determine visibility.

Media Relations

Buying media time is easy; earning media attention requires newsworthy, relevant and unique ideas to help you stand out among the crowd. Our team of former journalists, including a former Oprah producer, is strategic in our approach to securing the coverage you deserve.  

We listen to your story and create news hooks to garner media interest. We don’t believe in sending out a mass pitch to hundreds of media outlets. Our sophisticated media software allows us to research and identify those print, radio, television and online outlets that will reach your audiences.  We customize our pitch and then approach those journalists who would care about the issue. And, we don’t just send an email and cross our fingers, we get on the phone and have a conversation with the reporter. We connect you with the reporter and ensure you are prepared with appropriate messaging.  Ultimately we earn our clients media attention whether it’s in People Magazine, WSJ, CNN or a suburban online newspaper that reaches your audiences. 

Speaking Opportunities

We can help you gain the right exposure for your thought leaders and organization. Putting you directly in front of your audiences at industry conferences or events is often the most effective exposure.

Whether you are a keynote speaker at a large conference, a panelist at a local event or hosting a presentation via webinar our team will identify potential opportunities for you to share your insights. We will develop the proposal, book the engagement, develop the presentation and prepare you to deliver a thoughtful presentation and be able to address any tough questions that arise. 


Our team partners with clients to produce events that will elevate your messages and increase recognition of your brand. Whether you are looking to our team for strategic consultation on an event theme, helping to secure a speaker or promoting the event, we can tackle all aspects of event management.