Digital content marketing is by far the most common way we communicate with audiences. Continuing to develop fresh content is key to engaging audiences and influencing SEO. Whether in the form of video, podcasts, blog posts, articles, infographics and e-newsletters, we create content that engages audiences.

Data drives information and the content we develop. We constantly review and evaluate Google analytics to determine audience behaviors and traffic to websites.


Video content marketing is a powerful form of content and provides extraordinary impact on SEO results. Gone are the days of 20-minute videos with talking heads. Today’s videos are catchy and short and lead to increased engagement and higher optimization. 

Whether you need impactful videos of members discussing benefits to share on social media or a compilation of interviews, we will conduct the interviews, edit the video and make it available for use on your website or social media. Additionally, we understand that sometimes interviews with people aren’t the most effective way to tell your story. We capture the information you want to convey and develop video infographics or share your impact through animated marketing videos.


Digital marketing tools, such as podcasts, allow you to bring your stories to life. For many clients podcasts provide an opportunity to engage with members or customers from the comforts of their home or on their morning commute.

We work with your organization to develop podcasts that are right for your audience and message. We begin by identifying a theme and potential interviewees. We create a Run of Show document which serves as the script for the program. And we produce, edit and package the podcast for you to deliver to your audiences.

In our latest podcast project, we sat down with the team at 88 Brand Partners, along with one of our favorite shared clients, NorthShore University HealthSystem, as they share stories of their Regifting Program.

Blog Posts

Providing content to bloggers and influencers provides yet another opportunity to obtain third party support and credibility to maximize SEO. The first step is to research target blogs and influencers to ensure they have a following that is beneficial to you. It’s critical to be aware of their reputation so you associate your organization with trustworthy, like-minded influencers. Our team then pitches the blog author with topics for a guest post. After securing a guest blogging opportunity we develop the content incorporating messaging. Once published we follow the engagement. If the goal is to drive website traffic, we ensure that Google Analytics is set up to track the engagement from the post.

Bylined Articles

Obtaining third party support through bylined articles provides an ideal opportunity for an organization to control their messaging through content. At CS-Effect we work with clients to uncover opportunities to submit articles to industry organizations online and print publications. We work with the author to develop research opportunities to submit articles, develop the content and manage the submission process.  


As our clients continue to seek innovative ways to capture audience attention, infographics provide a visually compelling way to graphically represent information and data. We take your data and transform it into a graphical design to use your website and in social media.  


Delivering content directly to your audiences is the most streamlined approach to reaching them. At CS-Effect we develop content for your digital communications, including e-newsletters, to share the latest news with your audiences.