Whether you need to better understand the perceptions your audiences have about your organization or you want to dig deeper and obtain specific feedback on a service that will help determine your future strategy, the CSG team will work with you to better understand what your audiences think and feel.

Through qualitative and quantitative research we obtain the critical insights you need to develop a smart strategy or test out messaging.

Online Surveys

Whether you are looking to survey potential customers about a new service you are launching or you want to determine how to increase engagement with your members, the CS-Effect team will draft the questions, manage the process and report the findings. 


In person or on phone our team of experienced interviewers can gain incredible insight about your organization from your leaders, board members and staff. We’ll schedule the interviews, develop the discussion guide of questions and conduct the audiotaped interviews. After we will summarize our findings that will ultimately be used to further your communications efforts.  

Focus Groups

Focus groups are an effective means to gain insight from a group in one session. Our team of experienced facilitators will work with you to manage the focus group from beginning to end. We’ll develop the strategy, discussion guide with questions and facilitate the session. After the session we will translate what we’ve heard into key learning that you can use to further or communications strategy.