Good communication strategies support business objectives, and drive behavior changes.

The way in which these strategies are developed is key to their efficacy. We design communication strategies with supportive data behind every decision.

We first start with an assessment of existing strategies, and provide a competitive analysis of other similar organizations. From there, we make recommendations to improve existing communication and marketing strategies. And we create new ideas to bridge the gap between your existing approach and your organization’s business goals.

Step 1: Communication Audit and Assessment

Assessing current member communications processes and procedures will uncover new challenges, and confirm others that you’ve always suspected, but never had data to support.

During the Communications Audit, we’ll gather up all of your print and electronic materials, and data collect until our hearts – and yours – are content.

We’ll analyze the costs/benefits associated with each communication method, and conduct quantitative and/or qualitative research to uncover constituent insights.

Once we determine your audiences’ perceived values, we match those findings with the perceptions of your communication channels and messages, we will summarize our findings and deliver the good, the bad and the ugly sides of your marketing and communications efforts.

Step 2: Message Development Session

Our formula for an effective strategic communication plan starts with a Message Development Session, where we work with you to determine the most important points you must include in your messaging. Consider it your elevator pitch, but it’s not just you deciding what you’re going to say. It must resonate with your CEO, your Board Chair, your staff and your constituents. Sounds like fun, right?

Step 3: Marketing and Communications Plan

We work with your team to identify your communications and marketing goals, and then set a plan to get results. The plan outlines specific strategies and tactics, and a realistic timeline that works with your resources.

Step 4: Implementation

The Marketing and Communications Plan comes to life as our teams work together on implementing the plan. Some companies ask us to stay on during a transition time; others understand the value of senior-level communications counsel, and keep us close at hand for other special projects. Still others outsource their entire communication department to our team, and we work alongside their employees.

Brand Counseling

A significant part of managing your brand’s reputation is best seen through communications messaging and positioning. An essential part of our experience with you is focused on understanding where your brand is now, and where you want it to be. We’ll infuse our communications programming with that brand essence, to ensure we are reflecting the consistent messages across all channels.