Issues Management: Always Be Prepared!

A crisis is generally the worst time to be planning for one. Therefore, we work with your team to troubleshoot before problems arise. As it’s been instilled by one of our well-known clients: “Always be prepared!”

Our issues management services run the gamut from advising communications efforts surrounding a specific issue to managing the communication with target audience. Often this includes developing a strategy and approach to communications to ensure the issue doesn’t elevate into a crisis. We work with our clients to develop specific messages about a contentious issue they are facing with members or other audiences and create the content that will keep audiences informed.


Crisis Communication

We always advise to be prepared for a crisis and work with clients to develop a plan before one hits. However, there are times when unforeseeable disaster occurs and our team is right by your side managing the comprehensive crisis communication.  In some cases this means developing statements and working with our clients attorneys on appropriate language. We’ll develop the most effective way to communicate the message to all audiences and we’ll manage the media to ensure you have the opportunity to explain the situation clearly.

Our team’s experience with managing high profile crisis situations for national associations to local nonprofits provides us with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage a variety of crisis situations and ensure your organization takes the required steps to manage the recovery process.