Effect (ef·fect) (noun)something that was influenced; a distinctive impression. 

It’s the Aftereffect. The Outcome. 

But when used as a verb, effect goes beyond influence; it refers to actual achievement of a final result.

At CS-Effect, we take a behavior-driven approach to marketing and communication. Whether your goal is increasing the recognition and understanding of your brand, capturing the attention of Millennials, positioning your physicians as experts or engaging your members, we will create a tailored, integrated strategic communications program that connects you to your audiences.

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The CS-Effect Approach to Communications

Our first step when working with a new client is to determine where your audiences fall on a continuum of awareness. Our team assesses the awareness level of your brand, service or product, your audiences’ perceptions and the behavior you want to influence. Are they unaware of your services because you recently launched them? Are you audience’s perceptions off and you need to change them? 

Understanding your audience is an important first step in developing a comprehensive integrated marketing program which may include earned media, content development, digital media, advertising, social media and direct marketing. (link to graphic on services page)

And, of course, we will determine specific metrics at the onset of a program. An effective PR strategy leads to improved SEO results, aligning with the latest algorithms which determine visibility.